Symposium "Genomic Adapation to Ecological Niches"

Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre Frankfurt/M, Germany invites to a

Symposium: Genomic Adaptation to Ecological Niches

Date: October 12,2012

Invited speakers:
Prof. Diethard Tautz – MPI for Evolutionary Biology, Plön.
Prof. Walter Salzburger – Evolutionary Biology, University of Basel.

Prof. Markus Pfenninger – BiK-F, Frankfurt/M.
Prof. Axel Janke – BiK-F, Frankfurt/M.

We are organizing a one-day workshop to discuss current projects and possibly common interests in the rapidly expanding field of adaptive genomics of ecological niches. Adaptation is one of the corner stones of evolutionary and adaptation to different niches provides the bridge to ecology. Rapidly falling sequencing prices make it possible to study this process at the genome level, triggering a methodological revolution extending also to non-model organisms. However, bioinformatics and research strategies are becoming increasingly challenging for single groups and therefore progress may benefit from coordinated efforts.

The aim of the symposium is bringing researchers together to present and discuss current developments in this field, and possibly find common strategies concerning infrastructure and funding. Besides for the presentations of the invited speakers, a number of slots for short talks will be available for presenting own research and projects. We invite the submission of abstracts with the registration. Attendance is free.

The symposium is organized by the project area D (Laboratory Centre & Adaptive Genomics) of the BiK-F centre ( and is aimed at everyone – student to professor – interested in this rapidly expanding field.

The meeting starts at 9 am and is planned to end in the late afternoon (around 5 pm), with a possible extension to discuss projects over dinner.

BiK-F seminar room 306
Mertonstrasse 17-21
60325 Frankfurt /M

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