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Fields of interest
Being broadly interested in many aspects of biodiversity research, my current work focuses on (i) species’ responses to global change, (ii) the potential impacts of climate change on biodiversity, (iii) the thermal macrophysiology of endotherms, and (iv) large-scale patterns of biodiversity and the associated processes. Within these topics, I work with several groups of animals such as terrestrial vertebrates (birds, mammals, amphibians) and freshwater organisms (in particular dragon- and damselflies).

In my research I aim to integrate different types of data and methodological approaches from a macroecological perspective. In order to better understand species’ potential responses to climate change, my recent work has set an emphasis on the integration of physiological, biogeographical and ecological data. My previous work has also focussed on future threats for global amphibian diversity, and on how the habitat niche affects the dispersal ability of dragon- and damselflies, and in turn their potential to respond to climate change.

Key words: biodiversity, macroecology, biogeography, macrophysiology, climate change, species distribution modelling, ecological niche, thermal tolerance, birds, dragonflies, science politics


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Selected publications

Fritz, S.A., Eronen, J.T., Schnitzler, J., Hof, C., Janis, C.M., Mulch, A., Böhning-Gaese, K. & Graham, C. (2016) Twenty-million-year relationship between mammalian diversity and primary productivity. PNAS 113, 10908–10913.

Dulle, H.I., Ferger, S.W., Cordeiro, N.J., Howell, K.M., Schleuning, M., Böhning-Gaese, K. & Hof, C. (2016) Changes in abundances of forest understorey birds on Africa's highest mountain suggest subtle effects of climate change. Diversity and Distributions 22, 288-299.

Hof, C., Dehling, D.M., Bonn, A., Burgess, N.D., Eigenbrod, F., Harfoot, M.B.J., Hickler, T., Jetz, W., Marquard, E., Pereira, H.M. & Böhning-Gaese, K. (2015) Macroecology meets IPBES.  Frontiers of Biogeography 7 (4).

Fristoe, T.S., Burger, J.R., Balk, M.A., Khaliq, I., Hof, C., & Brown, J.H. (2015) Metabolic heat production and thermal conductance are mass-independent adaptations to thermal environment in birds and mammals. PNAS 112, 15934-15939.

Khaliq, I.*, Hof, C.*, Prinzinger, R., Böhning-Gaese, K. & Pfenninger, M. (2014) Global variation in thermal tolerances and vulnerability of endotherms to climate change. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 281, 20141097. (*contributed equally)

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