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DM-1.12 | VITACEAE IN THE NEOGENE (2008 - 2011)

Biodiversity of Vitaceae in Northern Eurasia during the Neogene in relation to climate changes (S. Popova, A. Micheels, E. Herzog, D. Uhl, D. Gromyko, A. N. Müllner, T. Utescher)

Fossil plant records belonging to the family Vitaceae are widely found in Northern Eurasia. It has been proposed that Vitaceae was one of the dominant floras in this region during the Neogene. Therefore, the identification of species of Vitaceae existing during the Neogene in Northern Eurasia is a prerequisite for the complete reconstruction of the Neogene climate. We currently apply the coexistance approach to reconstruct palaeoclimate in Western Siberia based on fossil plant records. Palaeoclimatic conditions in this region are poorly understood. In this proposed project, we aim to perform analyses of biodiversity of extinct species of Vitaceae and include this data in Neogene climate reconstructions. We compare these results with existing biodiversity data of this family under modern climate conditions. For the first time, the combination of morphology, anatomy and biomolecular data together with fossil data is analysed for three genera of Vitaceae and incorporated with modelled and existing climate data.


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