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While considerable efforts have been made to predict effects of climate change on biodiversity in general, studies examining how intraspecific genetic diversity will be affected are scarce, despite the fact that this level of diversity is a crucial factor for the long-term survival of populations and ultimately species. Especially under the current predictions of rapidly changing environmental conditions, species’ persistence will critically depend on the amount of existing genetic diversity, which provides the raw material for genetic adaptation processes.

In this project, we assess climate-change impacts on the intraspecific genetic diversity for a wide variety of species from different organism groups. By linking species distributions models (SDMs) with species’ intraspecific genetic data, we aim to identify general patterns among organisms groups under warming climates, and to assess the uncertainties derived from models using species vs. intraspecific data.

The current project is a follow-up and continuation of the projects "Quantifying losses in genetic biodiversity under climate change" and "Estimating the extent of genetic biodiversity losses under climate change" from BiK-F Phase 1.


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