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The aim of the project is the reconstruction of the evolution of selected genera of Bromeliaceae. In Fosterella originated and diversified in the Bolivian Andes and has numerous local endemics. The radiation of Werauhia resulted in numerous Central American species (Costa Rica, Panama). Different niches were colonized across an altitudinal (and also climatic) gradient, with adaptation to pollinators potentially playing an important role.

Using molecular methods, the phylogeny, character state evolution and historical biogeography will be reconstructed. Based on actual distribution data, the climatic and ecological niches will be modelled and the evolution of these parameters reconstructed. The phylogenies and scenarios for the evolution of character states are compared with climatic and environmental changes during the Cenozoic.

Understanding the evolution of endemics and the therewith associated factors is also a major goal of the project.

The studies are conducted in cooperation with Dr. Jan Schnitzler and Dr. Juraj Paule and our partners at the University of Kassel (AK Prof. Dr. Kurt Weising), James Cook University, Cairns (Dr. Katharina Schulte), University of Chiriquí (UNACHI) (Dr. Daniel Cáceres) and the University of Gothenburg (Dr. Daniele Silvestro) as well as our Brazilian colleagues.



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