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The aim of this project is to develop a new process-based simulation model for seed dispersal by water (hydrochory) and to parameterise the model for more than 100 plant species and several river types. A particular focus is placed on plant species that occur along rivers and lakes and in fens. For selected plant species we will also analyse the relative importance of other means of dispersal (anemochory, zoochory). Furthermore, we will apply the model to passively dispersed life stages of selected macro-zoobenthic organisms. The main tasks of the project comprise:

• Development of a new process-based model for simulating seed dispersal by water

• Parameterisation of the model for several river types typical to Central Europe

• Parameterisation of the model for many plant species occurring along rivers and lakes and in fens, and for selected passively dispersed life stages of selected macro-zoobenthic organisms

• Validation of the developed models using empirical data

This project is additionally funded by the German Research Foundation and by the Förderfond zum Aufbau koordinierter Programme der Goethe Universität.


Schmiedel, D. & O. Tackenberg (2013) : Hydrochory and water induced germination enhance invasion of Fraxinus pennsylvanica. - Forest Ecology and Management 304: 437-443.