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Within this project we model climate-driven shifts in the ecological niches and distribution ranges of numerous benthic invertebrates in Europe. Our investigations focus on stream-dwelling species in submontane and montane regions. For selected species we also aim to predict the magnitude of evolutionary changes in their climatic niches and the significance of their limited dispersion since the last ice-age. This project is carried out in cooperation with Project B1.5  „Plant -Move“ with the ultimate aim of project the changes in spatial distribution of different stream-dwelling-taxa using metadata-analysis.


• Compilation of a geocoding databank with information on the current distribution of macroinvertebrates, along with current climatic, hydrologic and other abiotic parameters
• Design of ecological niche-models (of all environmental factors) and climatic niche-models (climate-parameters only) based on the above-mentioned data
• Forecast of the expected shift in ecological and climatic niches on the basis of different IPCC AR4 scenarios and analysis of the results

 • Creation of climatic niche-models based on past distribution
• Revision of the current controversially discussed niche conservatism-hypotheses and dispersal limitation-hypotheses on the basis of a comparison of current and past climatic niche-models and spatial distribution


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