Uwe Zajonz



Uwe Zajonz

Affiliated to Research Group 'Quantitative Biogeography'

Former projects

Project leader: F2.4, F2.5, B1.14
Researcher/collaborator: A4.2, A3.3

Research interests and expertise

Basic research
Community ecology of tropical marine ecosystems in climate change, especially of fish communities of biogene reefs and coastal estuaries
Marine biogeography
Taxonomy, systematics and biogeography of coastal fishes of the Indo-West-Pacific, focusing on the circum-Arabian Seas
Taxonomy and ecology of the deep-water and deep-sea fishes of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

Transfer and applied research
Tropical marine ecosystem functions and services under climate change
Integrated Coastal Zone Management and marine conservation and resource use management at the interface to human development cooperation
Marine and coastal environmental research and consulting at the technical and policy level for institutional and private organizations and stakeholders
Project development and management


Since 2008 Researcher and project leader with BiK-F
2008-2010 Member of the start-up team and of the Scientific Coordination Office (WKB) of BiK-F
2008  Member of the project formulation task force for the LOEWE centre BiK-F
2003-2008 Free lance environmental consultant and project leader to UNDP, World Bank, governmental authorities and the private sector, e.g.:
- 2005-2007 Project leader „Coastal Zone Management Pilot Project in the Yemen Gulf of Aden“ (World Bank-GEF)
- 2004-2005 Project leader „Protection of Marine Ecosystems of the Yemen Red Sea Coast (UNDP-GEF)
- 2003 Deputy project leader „Socotra Conservation and Development Project“ (UNDP-GEF-Netherlands)
1997-2001 Project coordination assistant for SFN and ichthyologist of „Marine Habitat, Biodiversity and Fisheries Surveys“ in the framework of the UNDP-GEF Project „Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity of Socotra Archipelago“
1995-2002 Research assistant at SFN, Section Ichthyology, temporarily acting Head of Section
1995 Diploma in Biology (Dipl.-Biol.) with the subjects Zoology, Aquatic Ecology, Entomology and Soil Science
1988-1995 Studies of Biology at the Technical University Darmstadt

Publications and reports


- Transdisciplinary work group „Tropical Marine Ecosystems“ (TMS) 
Field research station Socotra
- Recent article on Socotra in National Geographic
- Soqotra Symposium 2012

Phone: 069 7542 1885