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Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre BiK-F
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Dr. Steffen Pauls

Project Area Leader, Project Area A

Junior Group Leader, Aquatic Evolutionary Ecology

My research focusses on the diversification and speciation of aquatic insects. Using population genetics, phylogeography and molecular systematics I analyse how species distributions arose, how they are being maintained, and how lineages are continuing to diversify. I am particularly interested in how changes in environmental conditions influence dispersal and migration of montane aquatic insects and thus shape historic, present day, and future distribution of species and intraspecific genetic diversity.


Genetic diversity under Climate Change (BiK-F C2.3)
Diversification and phylogeography of highland caddisflies (BiK-F A1.6, A1.16, DRUSUS (FWF), NeHTiR (DFG)
Identifying the Climate Sensitive Zone of Stream Ecosystems in Nepal
Diversity of Afrotropical Aquatic Insects

Selected Publications All international peer review publications

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Fast-Breaking Paper in Plant & Animal Science (Dec 2010):
Pauls, S.U., Theißinger, K., Ujvarosi, L., Balint, M. & Haase, P (2009) Population structure in two closely related, partially sympatric caddisflies in Eastern Europe: historic introgression, limited dispersal and cryptic diversity. Journal of the North American Benthological Society, 28: 517-536.

Previšić, A., Schnitzler, J., Kučinić, M., Graf, W., Ibrahimi, H., Kerovec, M., & Pauls, S.U. (2014) Micro-Scale Vicariance and Diversification of Western Balkan Caddisflies Linked to Karstification. Freshwater Science. in press

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