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Dr. Simon Scheiter

Senior scientist
Head of Emmy Noether Research Group 'Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in the Earth System'

Research interests

My primary research interest is to understand the interactions between vegetation, atmosphere and humans. Therefore, I develop and apply different modelling approaches, particularly process-based, dynamic vegetation models (DGVMs), to simulate ecosystem dynamics, biogeochemical cycles and diversity. Vegetation models are coupled with land use models to understand how climate chance and land use influence ecosystems, diversity and ecosystem services and to develop strategies for the sustainable use of natural resources.

Selected publications

Langan L; Higgins SI; Scheiter S (2017): Climate-biomes, pedo-biomes or pyro-biomes: which world view explains the tropical forest - savanna boundary in South America? JOURNAL OF BIOGEOGRAPHY, 44, 2319-2330.

Scheiter, S.; Langan, L.; Higgins, S.I. (2013): Next generation dynamic global vegetation models: learning from community ecology. NEW PHYTOLOGIST, 198, 957-969.

Higgins, S.I. & Scheiter, S. (2012) Atmospheric CO2 forces abrupt vegetation shifts locally, but not globally. NATURE, 488, 209-212.

Scheiter, S. & Higgins, S.I. (2009): Impacts of climate change on the vegetation of Africa: an adaptive dynamic vegetation modelling approach (aDGVM). GLOBAL CHANGE BIOLOGY, 15, 2224-2246.

Scheiter, S. & Higgins, S.I. (2007): Partitioning of root and shoot competition and the stability of savannas. AMERICAN NATURALIST, 170, 587-601.

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Current Projects

Biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Earth system (DFG)
Limpopo Living Landscapes (LLL, BMBF SPACES initiative)
Adaptive Resilience of Southern African Ecosystems (Ars AfricaE, BMBF SPACES initiative)

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