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Dr. Mateus Dantas de Paula

Member of Research Group 'Quantitative Biogeography'

Research interests

My work is focused on understanding the dynamics of tropical forests, its natural spatial and temporal patterns, and its response to anthropogenic pressures. In order to embrace its complexity, I use forest modelling and remote sensing as tools for tropical forest research, ultimately aiming for future applications in order to halt biodiversity loss in a future with strong human tropical presence.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences (2006), Master’s degree in plant ecology (2009) in Pernambuco Federal University and PhD (2017) in Ecological Modelling from the University of Osnabrück. I have experience in the field of ecology, with emphasis in forest ecology; ecological modelling, with focus on forest dynamics of fragmented landscapes and geographical information systems, climate change with focus on the carbon and hydrology cycles.


Forest modelling, Animal-plant interactions, Forest fragmentation, Remote sensing, Carbon and hydrological cycles


[Tropical forest representation of shade tolerant (green) and intolerant (yellow) trees within the FORMIND forest model. Transition of undisturbed to edge affected forest]

Current Projects

• RESPECT - A4: Integration of ecophysiological processes and biotic interactions within a dynamic vegetation model (LSMBio): tree hydraulics, trait diversity, tree recruitment and insect herbivory

• GEOESSENTIAL – WP4.5: Evaluate the application of EO products to inform dynamic models

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