Workshop "Governance of Ecosystem Services: Challenges for Sustainable Development" - Documentation

International Workshop
Governance of Ecosystem Services: Challenges for Sustainable Development
10 – 11 March 2014 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

at LOEWE Biodiversität und KlimaForschungszentrum (BiK-F)
Georg-Voigt-Str. 14-16
60325 Frankfurt am Main

In this workshop on governance of ecosystem services, we took a multidisciplinary view on the emergence, development, and use of policyinstruments and governance approaches designed of a sustainable provision of ecosystem services. In particular we looked at the processes leading up to theirdesign and implementation. This included the identification of particular socio-ecological contextconditions, fostering or hindering institutional factors as well as related interests and power structuresof involved actors, their expectations, promises and conflicts. Furthermore we assessed how the conceptof ES has been included in existing and newly developed policy instruments, and how this impacts onthe provision of ES and the conservation of biodiversity.
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[Workshop programme]

You can download the abstracts and presentations here:
Session 1: Setting the stage: An emerging paradigm for ES policy and governance
Lasse Loft (BiK-F) & Carsten Mann (TU Berlin): Purpose and Structure of the Workshop: [Presentation]

Bernd Hansjürgens (UFZ Leipzig): Governance of Ecosystem Services – Challenges of fit, interplay, scale and the science-policy interface: [Presentation]

Darrel Moellendorf (Goethe University Frankfurt): The value of biodiversity and the responsibility to protect it: [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Kluvankova-Oravska (CE SPECTRA): Ecosystem services as commons: challenge for behavioral change?
[Abstract] and [Presentation]

Session 2: Overview of policy developments in the area of ES (I)
Knüppe (University of Osnabrück): The role of ecosystem services in adaptive and integrated water governance and management systems: [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Buck et al. (EcoAgriculture Partners/Cornell University): Governing ecosystem services in landscapes: an innovation system based approach to co-design of viable systems: [Abstract

Nuppenau (Justus-Liebig-University Giessen): Biodiversity Valuation, PES, and Governance Structures for Public Management of Eco-System Services in Cultural Landscapes: [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Session 3: Policy and governance design and use: Case studies
Kleemann (ZEF Bonn): Framework for the analysis of drivers of land use change and consequences for ecosystem service provisioning in northern Ghana: [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Lambini (University Bayreuth): Off-Reserves Forest Conflicts: Governance realities on the ground and future challenges for REDD+ instrument implementation in Southern Forest Ecological Zone of Ghana. [Abstract]  and [Presentation]

Krause et al. (Lund University): Public, private or hybrid? Dimensions of market-based instruments for ecosystem service provision and rural development in Ecuador. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Rosa da Conceição & Börner (Center for Development Studies, Bonn): Determinants of policy design of incentive-based forest conservation programs in the Amazon: evidence from Brazil, Ecuador, and Peru. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Machnikowski, Jopp et al. (Justus-Liebig University Gießen): Governance of Ecosystem Services in Japan. [Abstract

Louda et al. (University of Prague): Ecosystem Service Analysis: IAD Framework versus Economic Valuation – Substitutes or Complements? [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Staes et al. (University of Antwerp): Facilitating the Implementation of the Ecosystem Services Concept in environmental policy. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Rall et al. (Technische Universität München): Operationalizing Ecosystem Services in Urban Planning: an exploration of implementation and challenges in Berlin and New York. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Zoraide & Leite (Emplasa Sao Paulo government state metropolitan planning company, Brasil): Governance of Ecosystem Services at São Paulo Macrometropolitan Area. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Galler et al. (Leibnitz University Hannover): From regional environmental planning to implementation: Paths and pitfalls of integrating ecosystem services. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Session 4: Overview of policy developments in the area of ES (II)
Primmer et al. (Finnish Environment Institute): Ecosystem service governance and evaluating the effectiveness of arguments for biodiversity conservation. [Abstract]  and [Presentation]

Wittich et al. (UFZ Leipzig): Examining the Linkages between Ecosystem Service Assessments and Policy Processes – a Qualitative Synthesis of Case Studies. [Abstract]  and [Presentation]

Berghöfer et al. (UFZ Leipzig): Training and Guidance on Ecosystem Services Assessments - Some Needs of Practitioners and Advisers in International Development Cooperation. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Session 5:  Policy and governance design and use: Case studies in Europe
Schleyer et al. (UFZ Leipzig): Opportunities and Challenges for Mainstreaming the Ecosystem Services Concept in the Multi-level Policy Making within the EU. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Knickel et al. (University of Évora): Ecosystem services provision and biodiversity in European agriculture: political realities and the Chinese whispers problem. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Keune et al. (INBO): Emerging ecosystem services governance issues in the Belgium Ecosystem Services Community of Practice. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Session 6: Challenging futures of policy and governance approaches for ES
Geneletti (University of Trento): Including ecosystem services in impact assessment: Challenges and opportunities. [Abstract] and [Presentation]

Mann (TU Berlin): Challenging Futures – Conceptual ideas to engage with policy instrument design. The case of biodiversity credit trading. [Presentation]


Dr. Lasse Loft M.A.lasse.loft[at]senckenberg.de or Dr. Carsten Mann carsten.mann[at]tu-berlin.de