Pedro Romero


Pedro Romero

PhD Student


My thesis D1.1 Molecular phylogeny and evolution in Panpulmonata (Mollusca, Gastropoda)

My work is focused in the natural history of habitat transitions. As a model, I am using the family Ellobiidae because it has terrestrial and intertidal species. I plan to do a molecular phylogeny to reveal the relationships within the family that also will serve as a framework for studies of natural selection at the molecular level. I also plan to analyze data from transcriptomes of these species and look for new markers of adaptation to terrestrial habitats.

Mg. Sc. Pedro Eduardo Romero Condori, geb. 16.12.1986 in Lima, Peru
seit 2012 Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter. J.W.Goethe-Universität. Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland (Promotion in Biowissenschaften/ PhD Student).
2012 Internship at the Institute for Evolutionary Science. University of Montpellier, France.
2011 Research assistant. Laboratory of Molecular Biology. Peruvian National Institute of Health (INS).
2010 Internship at National Center of Biodiversity – Naturalis. Leiden, The Netherlands.
2010 Magister Scientae in Molecular Biology. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Lima, Peru.
2009 Internship at the Faculty of Biosciences. Univesity of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
2007-2009 Master studies in Molecular Biology. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Lima, Peru.
2008 Licenciatura (Diploma) in Biological Sciences with mention in Genetics and Cell Biology. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Lima, Peru.
2002-2006 Bachelor studies in Biological Sciences. Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. Lima, Peru.


Romero, P., Pfenninger, M., Kano, Y. & A. Klussmann-Kolb (2016): Molecular phylogeny of the Ellobiidae (Gastropoda: Panpulmonata) supports independent terrestrial invasions. - Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

Breure A. and Romero P. (2012): Support and surprises: molecular phylogeny of the land snail superfamily Orthalicoidea using a three-locus gene analysis with a divergence time analysis and ancestral area reconstruction (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora). Archiv für Molluskenkunde: International Journal of Malacology 141 (1), 1-20.

Ramírez, R., Borda, V., Romero, P., et al. (2012): Biodiversity and endemism of the western Amazonia land snails Megalobulimus and Systrophia. Rev. Peru. Biol. 19 (1), 59-74.

Romero, P. and Ramírez, R. (2011): Intraspecific divergence and DNA barcodes in Systrophia helicycloides (Gastropoda, Scolodontidae). Rev. Peru. Biol. 18 (2), 201-208.

Borda, V., Romero, P., Ramírez, R. (2010): Pediose gland in land snails and its evolutionary implications, with emphasis on Megalobulimus, Rev. Peru. Biol. 17 (1), 43-52.

Ramirez, J. Ramírez, R., Romero, P. et al. (2009): Evolutionary position of Peruvian land snails (Orthalicidae) among Stylommatophora (Mollusca: Gastropoda). Rev. Peru Biol. 16 (1), 51-56.

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