Florian Schneider 

Dr. Florian D. Schneider

7.5: Causes and Consequences of Biodiversity Change

Scientific secretary of the Senate Commission on Biodiversity Research

The DFG Senate Commission on Biodiversity Research aims to create possibilities for self-organisation of the research field and for finding solutions for pressing issues. My role is to support the head of the commission, Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer.

Research interests

Besides my activities for the senate commission, I am doing research on the relationship between biodiversity and ecosystem functioning along gradients of anthropogenic pressure. This includes work on data of the Biodiversity Exploratories, as well as collaborations within the CASCADE consortium on catastrophic shifts in drylands. My approach is mostly theoretical: I am developing mechanistic models of interacting agents in complex systems to see how the effects of these interactions propagate to the systems level.

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Selected publications

David J. McElroy, Eoin J. O'Gorman, Florian D. Schneider, Hanne Hetjens, Prune Le Merrer, Ross A. Coleman and Mark Emmerson (2015), Size-balanced community reorganization in response to nutrients and warming, Global Change Biology, 21:3971–3981

Kalinkat, G.*, Schneider, F.D.*, Digel, C., Guill, C., Rall, B. C., Brose, U. (2013), Body masses, functional responses and predator–prey stability, Ecology Letters, 16:1126–-1134 * contributed equally to this study

Jochum, M., Schneider, F.D., Crowe, T.P., Brose, U., O’Gorman E.J. (2012), Climate-induced changes in bottom-up and top-down processes independently alter a marine ecosystem, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 367:2962-2970

Schneider, F.D., Scheu, S. & Brose, U. (2012), Body mass constraints on feeding rates determine the consequences of predator loss, Ecology Letters, 15:436–443

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