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Tobias Bidon

Ph.D. student


Research Interests

I´m generally interested in evolutionary biology and my research focuses on understanding the origin and pattern of today´s biodiversity. During and after my studies I have worked in ecology and conservation of different arctic and temperate vertebrates, such as arctic foxes, wolves and white-tailed eagles.
In my PhD-project I am currently comparing genetic material of polar, brown and other bears, looking for adaptations to the arctic environment and studying their past and present population structure.

Short CV

Since 2012
PhD-student at the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F), Frankfurt am Main.
PhD-thesis: „Biodiversity and adaptation of arctic carnivores”. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Axel Janke.
Funded by the Arthur und Aenne Feindt-Stiftung, Hamburg.

Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research, Berlin (Germany)

Studies of Biology (Diplom-Biologe, technisch orientiert) at the Universities of Stuttgart (Germany), Linköping (Sweden) and Stockholm (Sweden).


Bock F, Fennessy J, Bidon T, Tutchings A, Marais A, Deacon F, Janke A (2014) Mitochondrial sequences reveal a clear separation between Angolan and South African giraffe along a cryptic rift valley. BMC Evolutionary Biology 14:219.

Kutschera VE, Bidon T, Hailer F, Rodi JL, Fain SR, Janke A (2014) Bears in a forest of gene trees: Phylogenetic inference is complicated by incomplete lineage sorting and gene flow. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 31(8):2004-2017.

Bidon T, Janke A, Fain SR, Eiken HG, Hagen SB, Saarma U, Hallström BM, Lecomte N, Hailer F (2014) Brown and Polar Bear Y Chromosomes Reveal Extensive Male-Biased Gene Flow within Brother Lineages. Molecular Biology and Evolution

Bidon T, Frosch C, Eiken HG, Kutschera VE, Hagen SB, Aarnes SG, Fain SR, Janke A, Hailer F (2013) A sensitive and specific multiplex PCR approach for sex identification of ursine and tremarctine bears suitable for non-invasive samples. Molecular Ecology Resources (doi:10.1111/1755-0998.12072)

Bidon T, Kopatz A, Hailer F (2013) Molekulare Bärenjagd - Geschlechtsbestimmung bei Wildtieren. Labor & More.

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