European Commission


BiK-F contributes to EU Working Group

The European Union has set itself the objective of stopping the loss of biodiversity and the degradation of and degradation of ecosystem services by 2020 and restored them where possible(COM (2011) 244). One of the specific sub-goals of this strategy is to maintain ecosystems and their services by 2020 and increase by a green infrastructure is created and at least 15% of degraded ecosystems can be restored. To achieve this, the European Commission will launch a "No Net Loss" initiative in 2015. In preparation this a Working Group has been set up to assist the Commission in developing the initiative. Prof. Dr. Bernhard Stribrny, head of the transfer office has been chosen to be a member of this group as a representative of BiK-F . The Working Group will propose for example principles and instruments which should be built into the initiative. Participants of the working group are representatives from EU member states from all relevant sectors of society.