Equal opportunity commissioners of the involved institutions:

Senckenberg: Sabrina Nemec
Substitute: Maika Holzapfel

Confidant BiK-F: Julia Krohmer

Goethe-University: frauenbeauftragte@uni-frankfurt.de


Gender Equality

The aim of the strategy for gender equality of BiK-F is to shape the centre for all members gender-fair. The aspects of equality shall be regarded in all projects and measures. The compatibility of family and work shall be improved. BiK-F has taken measures to increase the proportion of women in areas where they are currently underrepresented.

In all questions of gender equality the research institute is committed to the promotion plans and decisions of the institutes that participate in the centre. Moreover, the principles for the support of women that were ratified in the convention of the Goethe-University on January 23rd 1995 are valid correspondingly. With regard to the planned transferral into an own trusteeship the Women Promotion Plan that Senckenberg developed during the early stages of BiK-F based on § 6 Abs. 6 “Hessisches Gleichberechtigungsgesetz” (HGlG). This plan is a binding framework to set targets and measures for the advancement of women. These targets and measures are integrated into the structure and development planning of BiK-F. The Women Promotion Plan also helps making the measures more transparent and assessable. J. Krohmer has been appointed deputy of the SGN equal opportunity representative for BiK-F and intermediary agent for women at BiK-F. She supports the achievement of gender equality within the BiK-F centre.

Measures of gender equality that are already in place:
• BiK-F pursues a gender-oriented quality assurance in the application procedures. The allowance of parental leave goes without saying, so women and men will not be at a disadvantage for having taken time to bring up their children.

• To increase the number of women who are pursuing a scientific career after PhD, we cooperate with the mentoring programms “Hessisches MentorinnenNetzwerk”, “SciMento-hessenweit” and “ProProfessur”. The contracts contain agreements over a dispatch of mentees as well as mentors and the collaboration in organising the programs of joint events.

• The members of BiK-F have similar access to the qualification programme organized by the Equal Opportunities Office of the Goethe University as members of the university themselves.

• BiK-F participates at the “Girl’s Day” that is organised by Senckenberg every year. Schoolgirls meet female scientists in positions and professions that are usually dominated by men. This shall provide the girls with role models before their own choice of career.

Measures to improve compatibility of family and work:

• BiK-F allows flexible working hours and flexible work organisation to all its female and male members, as long as this does not conflict with urgent professional needs. Information about legal possibilities (e.g. parental leave) are provided.

• The members of BiK-F are allowed to use the daycare centres and other facilities of the Goethe University at the same conditions as all members of the university.

• Fixed-term contracts of scientific staff members will be generally extended for the time of maternity leave and parental leave once the members return (within the erspective funding period).

• The audit of the Hertie-Stiftung about “Family and Work” (for Senckenberg, including BiK-F) is currently being realized. The certificate that will granted in case of success is especially rewarding for young families, as it will have a positive influence on the careers of scientists with children by harmonizing professional interests with family needs.