Thomas Müller 

Movement Ecology Group


Jun. Prof. Thomas Müller


Junior Professor for Movement Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation

Research interests

My research focuses on the movement ecology of animals and bridges across theoretical and applied research fields. I consider research on animal movements an important avenue for biodiversity conservation by which to forecast effects of rapid environmental change and landscape fragmentation on animal distributions. My interests range from individual movement behaviors and cognitions to social learning and population-level distributions of moving animals. Current projects focus on long-distance movements of ungulates and sustainable development in Mongolia (funded by the Robert-Bosch Foundation), Informatics Tools for Population-level Movement Dynamics (at University of Maryland, funded by the National Science Foundation), the relation between landscape patterns and hornbill movements in South Africa, and social learning of migration patterns of Whooping cranes in the Eastern United States.


Publication list

Selected publications

Mueller T., J. Lenz, T. Caprano, W. Fiedler, K. Böhning‐Gaese. 2014. Large frugivorous birds facilitate functional connectivity of fragmented landscapes. 2014. Journal of Applied Ecology, DOI: 10.3410/f.718343874.793493510.
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Mueller T., R. B. O’Hara, S. J. Converse, R.P. Urbanek, W. F. Fagan. 2013. Social Learning of Migratory Performance. Science, 341, 999-1002.
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 National Geographic

Fagan W.F., M.A. Lewis, M. Auger-Methe, T. Avgar, S. Benhamou, G. Breed, L. LaDage, U. E. Schlägel, W. Tang, Y. Papastamatiou, J. Forester, and T. Mueller. 2013. Spatial Memory and Animal Movement. Ecology Letters, 16, 1316–1329.

Mueller T., K. A. Olson, G. Dressler, P. Leimgruber, T. K. Fuller, C. Nicolson, A. J. Novaro, M. J. Bolgeri, D. Wattles, S. DeStefano, and W. F. Fagan. 2011. How landscape dynamics link individual- to population-level movement patterns: a multispecies comparison of ungulate relocation data. Global Ecology and Biogeography, 20, 683–694.
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Mueller T., W.F. Fagan, and V. Grimm. 2011. Integrating individual search and navigation behaviors in mechanistic movement models. Theoretical Ecology, 4, 341-355.

Mueller T. and W.F. Fagan. 2008. Search and navigation in dynamic environments - from individual behaviors to population distributions. Oikos, 117, 654–664.

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