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Soil fungi have important ecosystem functions as decomposers of organic material or symbionts of vascular plants. Climate change may alter fungal community composition and affect ecosystem functions. In this project we analyze the effect of drought on soil fungal communities. We use terrestrial model ecosystems (TMEs) to study changes in fungal taxonomic composition under different levels of water stress over a period of several months. During this time the experimental ecosystems remain intact, allowing us to also assess community recovery after the perturbation. We use high-throughput metabarcoding methods to analyze fungal community structures. It is our goal to compare changes in fungal community composition to changes in other organism groups present in the TMEs, such as earthworms, nematodes, and oomycetes. This integrative approach will provide insights into belowground ecosystem effects of climate change.


Schimming, O., Schmitt, I. & H.B. Bode (2016) : Identification of the Sfp-Type PPTase EppA from the Lichenized Fungus Evernia prunastri. - PlosOne 11, doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0145624.

Schmidt, A.-P., Bálint, M., Greshake, B., Bandow, C., Römbke, J. & I. Schmitt (2013) :  Illumina metabarcoding of a soil fungal community. - Soil Biology & Biochemistry 65: 128-132.

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