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Project leader:
Dr. Karen Hahn

The project aims to analyse and quantify the relevance of the use of wild plants, which is one of the highly important provisioning ecosystem services in West African savannas. We want to evaluate the sustainability of the use of socio-economically important plant species and to gain more insights into future losses related to climate and land use changes. These results will serve to develop recommendations for improved use strategies. The abundance and population structure of the “Top-10 species” will be investigated in different land use systems, and their productivity and the harvesting practices will be analysed. Predictions about the changes of the species abundances will be made and the economic losses will be quantified. These data serve to develop adapted use strategies and management concepts. In close cooperation with the transfer office (F 3) and a local NGO (REDERC ONG) planting experiments with most important species are planned.
The project is closely related to other research activities of the focus ecosystem “African Savannas” in the project areas A, B, E and F.


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