The Transfer Office represents the interface between biodiversity-related climate research and society.
The office assumes cross-sectional tasks beginning with research planning for all six project areas. Together with the project leaders, the Transfer Office is responsible for developing concepts for the translation of scientific data and results into basic research or application-oriented products.
The range of potential products and transfer services is manifold, reflecting the broad spectrum of research activities carried out at the centre. The tasks of the Transfer Office include press relations, the preparation of various publications, the development of planning and management instruments (e.g. to support dynamic, climate-adapted management in the fields of nature conservation and development cooperation) as well as the development of eco-geographical and social-ecological databases, geographical information systems, internet portals and modelling (all related to biodiversity) and the organisation of workshops and conferences. Furthermore, a wide range of educational offers based on the centre’s research findings will appeal to a broad public audience.

The overall goal of the Transfer Office is to provide relevant scientific data and information to groups of stakeholders (e.g. industry, public authorities, policy-makers, international organisations and direct users such as forest owners, farmers, fishing cooperatives), thereby supporting their efforts in the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.
The Transfer Office is responsible for establishing and maintaining contact to development and nature conservation institutions and for promoting the active participation of BiK-F scientists in national and international committees. A further task is to initiate business cooperations (especially with SMEs).