Xia Juan


Xiaojuan Xia

Ph.D. student


My research focuses on effector evolution in the Hyaloperonosporaarabidopsidis species complex and related oomycetes. In addition I am also interested in studying how oomycete effectors manipulate plant cellular processes. Does temperature have some effect on the compatible interaction between plant and oomycetes? What has happened to the effector-targets during the host jump? Many strategies, such as molecular cloning, biochemical techniques, microscopy and bioinformatics analysis will be applied to address these questions.

Short CV  
Since 2010 PhD project Functional evolution in the Hyaloperonosporaarabidopsidis species complex and related oomycetes (Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Marco Thines)
2009-2010 Work in group of Prof. Regine Kahmann, MPI für terrestrische Mikrobiologie Marburg [functional characterization of multidrug-resistant transporter in plant fungal pathogen Ustilagomaydis] ( Prof. RegineKahmann)
2005- 2008 Master of Plant Genetics, College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University & Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, Beijing, China. The subject of my dissertation was construction of genetic linkage map using molecular marker in Platycodongrandiflorum (Prof. Li Wang, Prof. Jianhe Wei)
2001- 2005 Bachelor of Life Science, Hubei Normal University, China.

Phone 069 7542 1832, Lab 069 7542 1853