ETH Medal 2015 for BiK-F researcher
Felicitas Hoppeler was awarded the Silver Medal of ETH Zurich 2015. Every year, each department (here Environmental System Sciences) honors outstanding Master’s theses with this Medal and a financial prize.
The study “Altitudinal diversity patterns of larval caddisfly species (Trichoptera: Hydropsychidae) in Himalayan streams” used molecular sequence data to ecologically characterize an unknown insect fauna. The thesis was conducted at BiK-F and supervised by PD Dr. Steffen Pauls and Dr. Christopher Robinson from ETH.

BiK-F researchers win presentation awards in South Africa
Together with several other Senckenberg scientists, BiK-F doctoral researcher Marcia Muñoz Neyra attended the 6th International Symposium-Workshop on Frugivores & Seed Dispersal (FSD), which was held from 21-26 June2015 in Drakensberg, South Africa. A total of 122 people representing 28 nationalities from almost every continent participated in the Symposium that is held every 5 years.
At the meeting, Marcia won the price for the second best poster with her presentation on "Linking mutualistic plant-frugivore networks and morphological traits to predict seedling establishment in the tropical Andes". In her study system in Colombia, Marcia collected data on plant-frugivore interactions, seedling establishment and species traits to identify functional plant and animal traits in these diversified tropical communities. She found that different plant traits affected consecutive stages of the seed-dispersal process and that animal body size was the most important trait promoting plant recruitment. The conservation of large animal species is therefore crucial for maintaining vital forest ecosystems in the tropics.
Marcia was not the only successful student associated to BiK-F. Doctoral student Irene Bender from iDiv in Leipzig won the price for the best student oral presentation. As Marcia, Irene is supervised by Matthias Schleuning from BiK-F and is a visiting scientist at the Centre. She showed in her winning talk on the “Feeding originality and flexibility of birds in plant-frugivore interaction networks" that the most specialized frugivore species were also the most flexible in switching to alternative fruit resources. This important finding challenges the notion that specialized animal species have a low capacity to respond to future changes in resource availability.
We congratulate the BiK-F researchers for their successful presentations!

BiK-F PhD-student get award for best student talk in Mexico
3.7.2014 At the Mollusca 2014  conference in Mexico City, the PhD student Pedro Romero has been awarded with a prize for the best student talk (mention with honors), entitled: "Signs of molecular adaptation for land invasion in the mitogenomes of Euthyneura".

BiK-F-paper recommended by the Faculty of 1000 
7.5.2014 The paper „Large frugivorous birds facilitate functional connectivity of fragmented landscapes“ by Thomas Müller, Johanna Lenz, Tanja Caprano und Katrin Böhning-Gaese, BiK-F,recently published in the Journal of Applied Ecology has been recommended by the online-plattform „Faculty of 1000“ as „being of special significance in its field“. „Faculty of 1000“ is a network of  globally leading scientists who rate and comment newly published scientific articles from the foields of biology and medicine. Papers from mor than 40 disciplines and 3,500 journals are taken into account.

GAIA Best Paper Award 2013 (Silver) for Thomas Jahn
31.3.2014 Presented for the first time this year, the GAIA Best Paper Award is awarded by GAIA's Editorial Board for the best article of a volume. One of three 2013 GAIA Best Paper Awards went to BiK-F-scientist Dr. Thomas Jahn, for his paper "Wissenschaft für eine nachhaltige Entwicklung braucht eine kritische Orientierung". Congratulations!
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BiK-F-paper receives J. Frances Allen Institute of Malacology Outstanding Publication Award 2012
The BiK-F-Paper “On the processes shaping small-scale population structure in Radix balthica (Linnaeus 1758)” by Timm Haun, Moritz Salinger, Adrian Pachzelt & Markus Pfenninger, published in Malacologia 55(2) has been awarded with the J. Frances Allen Institute of Malacology Outstanding Publication Award 2012. This newly created award recognizes the best paper published in Malacologia by a student and is worth 500 $. Selection criteria included originality, study design, methods, quality of prose and figures, and potential impact of the publication. Congratulations!

BiK-F-paper among the top 5 most downloaded articles in "Fungal Ecology"
The BiK-F-paper "Comparison of ITS1 and ITS2 rDNA in 454 sequencing of hyperdiverse fungal communities" (Bazzicalupoa, Bálint & Schmitt 2013) became second of the top downloaded full-text articles published in "Fungal Ecology" of the first half of 2013. The top 5 articles will be freely accessible until 31st October 2013.

Sami Domisch gets EFFS Award for excellent doctoral thesis in Freshwater Sciences
Dr. Sami Domisch's thesis “Species distribution modelling of stream macroinvertebrates under climate change scenarios” has been selected by an international jury for an EFFS Award of the European Federation for Freshwater Sciences. He is one of three laureates who will be invited to the Federation's Annual Meeting in Juli in Münster to present their work.

BiK-F PhD-student gets Petersen Fund Award of the Society for Freshwater Science
Mathias Kümmerlen, PhD student at the BiK-F project B1.2, gets the Petersen Fund Award of the Society for Freshwater Science (SFS). The award includes an invitation and travel costs to the society's annual meeting in May 2013 in Jacksonville, Florida. The award is based on research merit and is awarded once a year.

New diagnostic test to save lives of snakebite victims awarded 1st prize at innovation competition
December 3, 2012. Anew test to detect snake venom won the first place on the winner’s podium at this year’s Göttingen Innovation Competition. The rapid test, developed by scientists from the biotechnology company miprolab GmbH and the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F) in collaboration with researchers from Myanmar, indicates in 20 minutes if a patient has been envenomed by a certain species of snake. The use of such tests could save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, especially in developing countries.
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BiK-F PhD-student receives poster award
September 2012.  At the 86th Annual Conference of the German Society of Mammology, BiK-F PhD-student Tobias Bidon has been awarded in the„excellent poster contest“ for his conference poster contribution "A robust multiplex PCR approachforsexidentification in ursine and tremarctinebearsusing non-invase DNA samples" (authors T. Bidon, C. Frosch, V.E. Kutschera, S.R. Fain, A. Janke, F. Hailer).
Knowledge of the sex of individuals provides crucial data for ecological studies of threatened species. We here present a new approach for molecular sex determination that can be applied to non-invasively collected hair and fecal samples from all extant bear species except the giant panda. The method overcomes limitations of current approaches and yields easily interpretable and reliable results for sex determination.

Award for BiK-F Post Doc
January 26, 2012. BiK-F postdoc Francesco DalGrande (Imke Schmitt, project area C) received the Mason Hale award for best dissertation in lichenology in the past two years. This is a prestigious award by the International Association for Lichenology. It was presented during the IAL meeting in Bangkok, Thailand in Jan. 2012. Francesco received the award for his studies on population biology of the lichen Lobaria pulmonaria which he conducted at WSL and the University Bern, Switzerland.

BiK-F scientist gets award from the Romanian Academy
December 6, 2011. Dr. Miklos Balint, project area C,  has been awarded the "Grigore Antipa Award". The award is designated in memory of Grigore Antipa (1867‑1944), a Romanian zoologist, ichthyologist, ecologist and oceanographer. It is handed out by the Biology Section of the Romanian Academy and is given yearly to an author or a small group of cooperating authors for publication activity in fields related to zoology/ecology. Mr Balint received the price shared with Dr. Lujza Ujvárosi (Babes‑Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania). The award prized their works on the phylogeography/phylogenetics of montane aquatic insects (mostly caddisflies and craneflies). These are characteristic species in most montane aquatic systems. Montane aquatic species received considerable attention during the last years due to their peculiar patterns of speciation and ice‑age survival in European mountains.

Fast breaking paper of BiK-F-Scientist Dr. Steffen Pauls
On a bimonthly basis the Thomson Reuters Science Watch newsletter identifies "Fast breaking papers" in 22 scientific disciplines (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics,...). These papers are selected for having the strongest bimonthly increase in relative citation rate in their respective field.  "Fast breaking papers" are recognized as "very recent scientific contributions that are just beginning to attract the attention of the scientific community."

In the field of "Plant and Animal Science" an article authored by BiK-F scientist Dr. Steffen Pauls and colleagues was identified as the "Fast breaking paper" in December 2010. The study "Patterns of population structure in two closely related, partially sympatric caddisflies in Eastern Europe: historic introgression, limited dispersal, and cryptic diversity" was published in 2009 in the Journal of the North American Benthological Society (JNABS 28(3):517536). The study examines and compares the glacial history of two closely related aquatic insect species in Eastern Europe using DNA sequences. The authors show how valuable, but also how tricky under certain circumstances, genetic data can be for studying biodiversity. They also highlight the importance of the eastern European mountain Ranges (Carpathians, Central Balkan Mountains, Rhodopi Mountains) as centres of biodiversity.

For more information see a feature on the journal homepage or the Science Watch interview with Steffen Pauls .

BiK-F Scientist PD Dr. Thomas Berberich (Head of BiK-F Laboratory Centre) wins the most-cited paper Award 2010 of the "Journal of Plant Research"

For their article „Advances in polyamine research in 2007 (Journal of Plant Research 120: 345-350, 2007) T. Berberich and his co-authors T. Kusano, K. Yamaguchi and Y. Takahashi received the Most-cited Paper Award 2010 of the "Journal of Plant Research". In the distinguished article the authors summarize and review the current state of the art in polyamine research. They place a particular focus on the role of polyamines in plant responses to environmental stressors such as drought or high salinity. One of the co-authors, Prof. Takahashi of the Graduate School of Life Sciences at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, is a visiting BiK-F scholar from January to April 2011.