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A fascinating interdisciplinary conference on climate change mitigation is taking place on MAy 17th and 18th in Frankfurt, with excellent international speakers and organised by the Cluster of Excellence "Normative Orders" (Goethe University), in cooperation with Senckenberg and ISOE - Institute for Scial-Ecological Research. You are cordially invited to attend.

The international community has committed itself to limiting global warming to well below 2ᴼC, possibly as low as 1.5ᴼC. But the vast majority of the scenarios that forecast how that might be done require the use of carbon dioxide removal technology. That technology has not yet been developed to a sufficient extent, and there might be bio-physical and economic limits to deployment on the scale forecasted. Alternatives would seem to include only 1) very deep emissions reductions, perhaps requiring economic austerity, risking global recession, and constraining poverty eradication projects in the developing world, 2) exceeding the 2ᴼC warming limit, or 3) the use of solar radiation management, which also remains underdeveloped. Should limiting warming to well below 2ᴼC with the aid of carbon dioxide removal technology be the primary focus of mitigation policy or should policy be redirected towards one of the alternatives? How should trade-offs be evaluated? What moral considerations should guide decision-making?

Hörsaal im Arthur-von-Weinberg-Haus, Robert-Mayer-Straße 2, 60325 Frankfurt am Main

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Dr. Julia Krohmer,
Phone: 069 7542 1837