Brown Bag Seminar

Review: BiK-F Brown Bag Seminar, SS 2010

The BiK-F Brown Bag Seminar, a platform for current research from the different project areas, took place in the summer semester 2010 every second Tuesday at Jügelhaus, 3. Stock, Room 320. It was an informal research seminar for all BiK-F members.

Time: Tuesday, 13.00-14.00

Place: Mertonstr. 17-21, Room 320, BiK-F


20.4.10 Markus Pfenninger: Impact of climate change on different levels of biological organisation: the case of freshwater pulmonate snails

4.5.10 Jonathan Heubes: Trends and uncertainty in future biome shift and tree cover change, West Africa

18.5.10 Frank Kaspar: Climate monitoring from space: EUMETSAT's Satellite Application Facility on Climate Monitoring

25.5.10 Robert Trigiano: Flowering Dogwood: Pathology, Breeding and Population Studies

1.6.10 Arne Micheels: Jump into the snakepit - Is the Greater Black Krait winner or loser of climate change?

8.06.10 Glenn Moncrieff: Beyond Biomass: linking herbivore consumption to demographic impacts on woody plants in savannas

15.6.10 Dörte Janussen: Antarctic Porifera - Diversity, ecology and evolution in the light of environmental change

29.6.10 Daniela Henkel: Celtodoryx ciocalyptoides: the first record of a sponge species transferred from one world ocean into another by human activity

20.7.10 Rui Ribeiro: Reducing uncertainties in Ecological Risk Assessment

Please click here to download the programme as a pdf. For more information, please contact Arne Micheels.