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06 March 2019

Neue exotische Mückenart siedelt sich in Hessen an...

05 March 2019

Weltweiter Handel bringt biologische Vielfalt in Bedrängnis...

Press Releases

Giraffes: Equals Stick Together

Frankfurt, 10/30/2018. In 2016, virtually overnight, one giraffe species turned into four. Using new, even more extensive genetic tests, Senckenberg scientists have now been able to show that the four giraffe populations identified as separate species practically never interbreed, even where they occur in close vicinity to each other. The negligible number of hybrids serves as additional evidence that the Southern, Masai, Reticulated, and Northern Giraffes in fact constitute four separate species, according to the team’s study, published as the title story in the recent edition of “Ecology and Evolution.” Conservation measures in accordance with these findings are therefore urgently needed.

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