Katrin Boehning-Gaese

Prof. Dr. Katrin Böhning-Gaese

Dr. Susanne Fritz
- Macroevolution and biogeography of vertebrates
Dr. Eike Lena Neuschulz - Mechanisms of ecosystem functioning
PD Dr. Matthias Schleuning
- Mutualistic plant-animal interactions 


Prof. Dr. Katrin Böhning-Gaese

Head of Research Group 'Community Ecology and Macroecology'

Research interests: Macroecology, community ecology and conservation biology
- Influence of global climate and human land-use change on animal populations and communities in the tropics and in the temperate region
- Relationship between the diversity of animal communities and ecosystem functioning
- Macroecology and evolution of bird communities and of bird migration

-several courses at Goethe University Frankfurt in the MSc Ecology and Evolution and in the BSc Biology




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Recent publications

Dulle, H. I., S. Ferger, N. Cordeiro, K. M. Howell, M. Schleuning, K. Böhning-Gaese, and C. Hof (2016) Changes in abundances of forest understorey birds on Africa’s highest mountain suggest subtle effects of climate change. Diversity and Distributions 22: 288-299.

Jørgensen, P. S., K. Böhning-Gaese, K. Thorup, A. P. Tøttrup, P. Chylarecki, F. Jiguet, A. Lehikoinen, D. G. Noble, J. Reif, H. Schmid, C. van Turnhout, I. J. Burfield, R. Foppen, P. Voříšek, A. van Strien, R. D. Gregory, and C. Rahbek (2016) Continent-scale global change attribution in European birds - combining annual and decadal time scales. Global Change Biology 22: 530-543.

Ferger, S. W., H. I. Dulle, M. Schleuning, and K. Böhning-Gaese (2016) Frugivore diversity increases frugivory rates along a large elevational gradient. Oikos 125: 245-253.

Hof, C.*, D. M. Dehling*, A. Bonn, N. D. Burgess, F. Eigenbrod, M. B. J. Harfoot, T. Hickler, W. Jetz, E. Marquard, H. M. Pereira, and K. Böhning-Gaese (2015) Macroecology meets IPBES. Frontiers of Biogeography 7: 155-167. * joint first authorship

Maglianesi, M. A., N. Blüthgen, K. Böhning-Gaese, and M. Schleuning (2015) Functional structure and specialization in three tropical plant–hummingbird interaction networks across an elevational gradient in Costa Rica. Ecography 38: 1119-1128.

Mammides, C., M. Schleuning, K. Böhning-Gaese, G. Schaab, N. Farwig, C. Kadis, and T. Coulson (2015) The indirect effects of habitat disturbance on the bird communities in a tropical African forest. Biodiversity and Conservation 24: 3083-3107.

Khaliq, I., S. A. Fritz, R. Prinzinger, M. Pfenninger, K. Böhning-Gaese, and C. Hof (2015) Global variation in thermal physiology of birds and mammals: evidence for phylogenetic niche conservatism only in the tropics. Journal of Biogeography 42: 2187-2196.

Laube, I., C. H. Graham, and K. Böhning-Gaese (2015) Niche availability in space and time: migration in Sylvia warblers. Journal of Biogeography 42: 1896-1906.

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Bowler, D. E., P. Haase, I. Kröncke, O. Tackenberg, H.-G. Bauer, C. Brendel, R. W. Brooker, M. Gerisch, K. Henle, T. Hickler, C. Hof, S. Klotz, I. Kühn, S. Matesanz, R. O‘Hara, D. Russell, O. Schweiger, F. Valladares, E. Welk, M. Wiemers, and K. Böhning-Gaese (2015) A cross-taxon analysis of the impact of climate change on abundance trends in central Europe. Biological Conservation 187: 41-50.

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