Events 2011

2. PhD and PostDoc Meeting 2011 Coral Reefs 18.08.2011  - 19.08.2011

International Conference "Conference on Biodiversity and Climate Change - Science, Practice and Policy", 12.-13.4.2011

Scientific workshop “Valuing the Valuation – Benefits and Limitations of the Economic Valuation of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services“, 17.-18.2.2011

Events 2010

International Conference "Biodiversity and the UN Millennium Goals: Challenges for Research and Action", 1.-3.12.2010

International Workshop and Symposium "The Ecological Niche as a Window to Biodiversity", 26.-30.7.10

BiK-F Brown Bag Seminar, SS 2010

NECLIME symposium “Evolution and palaeoclimate - molecular phylogenetic approaches and the Cenozoic plant fossil record”, 9.7.10

International Conference "The Heat is on - Climate Change and the Media", 21.-23.6.10

EU-Conference "Green Week", 1.-4.6.10

International Workshop and Symposium on Genomic Data Mining, 16.-19.3.10

Symposium "Evolutionary Ecology of Seed Dispersal by Large Animals", 3.2.10

Events 2009:

BiK-F Brown Bag Seminar, WS 09/10

Symposium "Human Expansions and Global Change in the Pleistocene", 16.-18.11.09

Conference "Alien and native vectors - risks for human and animal health", 29.-31.10.09

EU-Conference "Sustainable Development: a challenge for European research", 26.-28.5.09