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Young Scientists Support: BiK-F research exchange program.

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Young Scientists

For information concerning the BiK-F Young Scientists please contact Susanne Gallus (BiK-F, project area D), Maike Herrmann (BiK-F, project area C), Jan Hilbig (SGN, Paläoanthropologie), Aljoscha Kreß (BiK-F, project area C) or Ali Tahir (BiK-F, project area C). They are closely cooperating with the Senckenberg Young Scientists.

BiK-Net (temporarily suspended)
Support of young scientists is an important aim of the ‘Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre’ (BiK-F). To this purpose, BiK-F promotes scientific exchange programs between various research groups nationwide, as well as internationally. BiK‐F offers short-term exchange support (up to 3 months) for:
i) junior BiK‐F researchers wishing to deepen their expertise within national/international institutions (BiK‐Net: Outgoing)
ii) junior national/international external researchers wishing to conduct their research at BiK‐F (BiK‐Net: Incoming)

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All BiK-F PhD-students are invited to register at the Goethe-University (post-) graduate academy GRADE (Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers).
More information: http://www.grade.uni-frankfurt.de/

Finally, the program “Young scientists in focus” may also be interesting for BiK-F PhD-students of the Goethe-University and up-and-coming young scientists who are integrated in working groups of the University: click here to download