Dennis Lüders 

Dennis Lüders

Ph.D. Student
Member of Research Group 'Molecular Ecology'

Project: Genomic traces of introgressive hybridization and its impact on local Adaptation 

Research interests
In my PhD project I focus on introgressive hybridization on the genomic level within multiple phyla. Since at least around 10% of animal and 25% of plants species are known to occasionally hybridize, studying the evolutionary consequences of introduced genetic material is mandatory (e.g. enhanced adaptation to local biotic and abiotic factors). To find genomic traces of introgressive hybridization, whole genome sequencing of two Radix, Chironomus and Felis MOTUs as well as their respective hybrids will be conducted. By comparing the impact of hybridization on the genome level of these distantly related phyla we will reveal general genomic pattern as well as differences that occur when species hybridize.

Short CV

Since 05/2017 PhD on “Genomic traces of introgressive hybridization and its impact on local adaptation” in the Molecular Ecology Group at the Senckenberg Biodiversity & Climate Research Centre Frankfurt

10/2014 – 03/2017 M.Sc. Environmental Biosciences, University of Trier,
Study emphasis: Biodiversity and Ecology, Master thesis: “Climate Niche Differentiation in Radix balthica”

10/2010 – 03/2015 B.Sc Environmental Sciences, University of Koblenz-Landau, Campus Landau
Bachelor thesis: “Diversity of earthworm communities in field margins: influence of the distance to the field on biodiversity”